Dave Lawson
Dave Lawson is the kind of DJ that you don’t see very often, and you wish you did. Rather than begging everyone to dance, Dave cranks out amazing songs that make them want to be out there. He has a 6th sense for knowing what to play, and keeps the dance floor jammed. He spins VINYL, and has an impressive collection of great Motown & R&B, 60s, 70s, and 80s pop records. He keeps everyone happy by bringing along an iPad to play requests. I’ve worked more than 5 weddings with Dave, and the audio and music has been perfect each time


Motor City HDJ
Now Brett is something else. He’s over the top. He’s the life of the party. This guy lives for weddings (and his beautiful wife and daughter). He’s consistent, and well-versed in emceeing. He’s not afraid to lead the dance party by example. He knows what he’s doing, and will work endlessly to make sure his clients are happy. He’s a good friend, and I’m happy to have worked with him a bunch of times over the past 4 years!



Ackerman & Co.
Believe me when I tell you that good, affordable wedding videographers are extremely hard to find. And so often when a bride hires both a video and photo team, everything turns into a huge production. Kristin and I had the joy of working together at a wedding, and it felt so seamless. She will float quietly behind the scenes and capture beautiful footage that tells the story of your wedding day. She’s kind and professional, and is a true gem in the Metro Detroit wedding industry.

Planning & Day-Of Coordination

Silver Bean Events
I didn’t really like working with coordinators until I met Colleen. In fact, she blended in so well and seemed to be SO personally invested that I just assumed she was part of the family. She will work tirelessly on the day of your wedding, and will keep a smile on your face. If I was planning my wedding again, I’d hire her in a second.





Lee Floral Design
If the photos you see of Brandi’s work isn’t enough to convince you, all it will take is one meeting with her. She’s responsible for what I believe is the most beautiful bouquet any of my brides have had.




Grand Jour Events
I’m so happy to have worked with Tammara twice. She’s the florist we all need, but don’t quite deserve. When someone in the wedding industry is this talented, gracious, and hard working, you hire them.





Keri Montgomery of Detroit Glam
Keri and I have worked together so many times in the past couple years. Although I don’t wear makeup, I like to think that I know good makeup when I see it. Keri’s makeup is always clean, high quality, classy, and fancy but not over-the-top. She’s a ton of fun to just spend time with, and is a great person to have around the morning of your wedding.