Dave Lawson
Dave Lawson is the kind of DJ that you don’t see very often, and you wish you did. Rather than begging everyone to dance, Dave cranks out amazing songs that make them want to be out there. He has a 6th sense for knowing what to play, and keeps the dance floor jammed. He spins VINYL, and has an impressive collection of great Motown & R&B, 60s, 70s, and 80s pop records. He keeps everyone happy by bringing along an iPad to play requests. I’ve worked more than 5 weddings with Dave, and the audio and music has been perfect each time.

Pat Digneit of Double Trouble DJs
Once you meet Pat, you won’t want to just hire him; You’ll want to hang out with him. He’s got long luscious locks and looks a bit like the Americanized Jesus. He’s excellent at what he does. His twin brother and him run Double Trouble DJs together, and they work all over the state. He’s fun, very technically proficient, and most importantly genuine. He has an immense knowledge of all types of music, and is generally just a fun person to have at your wedding.

Brett Cummins of Motor City HDJ
Now Brett is something else. He’s over the top. He’s the life of the party. This guy lives for weddings (and his beautiful wife and daughter). He’s consistent, and well-versed in emceeing. He’s not afraid to lead the dance party by example. He knows what he’s doing, and will work endlessly to make sure his clients are happy. He’s a good friend, and I’m happy to have worked with him a bunch of times over the past 4 years!

Wayne Kinney of Rock Out Entertainment
I’ve only worked with Wayne once, and he left that much of an impression me that I refer him out to couples. He’s friendly, charming and handsome, but that’s just the surface impression. See him at a wedding, and you’ll quickly see that this man knows what he’s doing. Check him out for yourself!


Jess Ciaramitaro
Jess & I have known each other for years. We grew up together! She’s been a videographer for as long as I can remember, but our professional relationship started when I photographed her own wedding. Luckily though, in the past few years we’ve worked together so many times. We kind of make a great team “Jesse & Jess”, and are always relieved when we show up and the other is there. She recently had a baby boy and has slowed down with wedding work, but reach out to her and maybe you can convince her to take on your wedding!



Planning & Day-Of Coordination

Colleen Anthony of Silver Bean Events
I didn’t really like working with coordinators until I met Colleen this past summer. She was so personal and helpful the morning of the wedding, I just assumed she was part of the family – not to mention her smile lights up the room. She works tirelessly on the day of your wedding, and keeps a smile on your face. If I was planning my wedding again, I’d hire her in a second.


James Robert
Now, I don’t know many officiants. And out of the 100+ weddings I’ve photographed, not many have stood out to me. But there is something different about James. When he married Tom & Adrienne in 2015, he captivated the crowd. He was passionate and real, and made the ceremony truly enjoyable. Officiants are often an after-thought; Don’t let it be. Send James an e-mail, and see if you connect.