Fernie & Bonna

Fernie and Bonna married on a gorgeous, sunny October day at the Cherry Creek Golf Club in Shelby Township, Michigan.  This lovely couple planned their entire wedding from out of state, so the wedding day was our first meeting.  I instantly felt a great vibe from these two; they were just as sweet and friendly as I’d imagined.  I was very excited to capture their day with inspiration and tons of attention to detail.

This was my first wedding at Cherry Creek, and this place didn’t feel like your run-of-the-mill golf course.  The club house had so much character and the panoramic views were spectacular. Bonna sore a stunning form fitting wedding down with her chestnut hair swept up into a chignon.  Fernie wore a steel blue, tailored suit and exuded panache.

Fernie’s family is from Mexico, and there were amazing Mexican touches at the wedding, most notably the mariachi band!  Many of his family members came to Michigan for the wedding, and some were meeting Bonna for the first time.  It was a moving thing to witness, and added a unique emotional angle to the wedding memories.   The pictures of the groom and groomsmen hitting the links featured the golf clubs belonging to Bonna’s maternal grandfather, who had passed away several years ago and didn’t get to see his granddaughter get married.  It was a very special moment to capture.

Like I mentioned above, there is something special about Cherry Creek. Sometimes golf clubs can get monotonous, but Cherry Creek felt really personal and had character.  Following the ceremony on the beautiful grass veranda, there was an elegant reception and when the mariachi band took the floor, the bride and groom danced the night away.  It was an incredibly festive and fun wedding.  And in a extraordinary touch of serendipity, Bonna’s brother and Fernie’s sister met and fell in love at the wedding.  They married less than a year after Fernie and Bonna!  How cool is that?  Bueno suerte to the wonderful couple.

Location: Shelby Township, MI
Wedding Venue: Cherry Creek Golf Club

Flowers:  Lynn Jovick (

Dress:  Alessandra’s Bridal

Makeup:  the bride’s sister!

Hair:  Michaelin Pannecouk

Fernie & Bonna


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Fernie & Bonna

Fernie and Bonna married on a gorgeous, sunny October day at the Cherry Creek Golf Club in Shelby Township, Michigan.  This lovely couple planned their… Read More


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