Heidi & Merissa

Heidi and Merissa celebrated the joining of the love and lives at their ceremony on the beautiful Belle Island, a 982 acre island park tucked in the Detroit River between Detroit and the Canada-US border.  The girls couldn’t have picked a more romantic spot for a wedding!

Heidi rented a cool Detroit loft through Airbnb to get ready for the ceremony.  It had a great vibe with lots of natural light.  Heidi and her party crew had a ton of fun.

Merissa got ready at the Greektown Casino hotel, a stylish hotel in the heart of Greektown, just a stone’s throw from Belle Isle.  She relaxed with her siblings and bridesmaids, then dove into preparations.  Both sides’ anticipation grew every moment, and we could tell that both brides were excited to see eachother.

The families gathered for the ceremony at the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, a picturesque greenhouse and botanical garden on Belle Island.  Then, the brides arrived.  They were so emotional when they laid eyes on each other.  Life on the little island went on around the brides just like any other day—the conservatory was open and visitors were shuffling in and out—but for Heidi and Merissa, it wasn’t just any other day.  The world ground to a halt for them as they joined their hands, their hearts, and their lives.  Merissa cried happy tears as Heidi walked down the aisle with two of her dearest friends from work.  And just to amp up the adorable, Heidi fell, Jennifer Lawrence style, as the married couple walked back down the aisle.  That is why diamonds, not high heels are a girl’s best friend!

Everyone, including Heidi, had a huge laugh and she was such a good sport. As Merissa picked her up and carried her off, Heidi ditched her flowers.  It was such a memorable and profoundly romantic moment.

We headed out for portraits, first to Eastern Market, and then to Two James Distillery in Corktown, one of Detroit’s oldest neighborhoods.  Two James is pretty cool, the first licensed distillery in Detroit since Prohibition.  Finally, we did some candid photos at the grand old Michigan Central Station.

Dinner and the reception were at the Rust Belt Market.  This was my second wedding this year at the Rust Belt, and I was happy to be back—it’s such a great venue!  Instead of the usual catered dinner, the girls had two food trucks with kick-butt Mexican and smoked BBQ.  It was brilliant and one of the best meals I’ve had at a wedding.  A stroke of genius, ladies!  We raised our glasses and then hit the dance floor.  There were so many special moments, each one building on the next to create a mosaic of memories to last a lifetime.  And it was only just the beginning for these two.

Location: Detroit, MI
Wedding Venue: Belle Isle Conservatory
Reception Venue: The Rust Belt Market

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Decorations/decor - Firefly Premier Events 


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