Matt & Gabby

Detroit can get a bad rap sometimes.  But for those of us that live in and around Detroit, we know the magic of this complex and vibrant city.  It’s a city of industry and concrete, but one that offers a softer side as well, one that offers the perfect backdrop for a love story.

I have known Matt for a long time. He has been fast friends with my brother since our teens, and we all lugged heavy textbooks down the same high school hallways.  Now you don’t always get along with all your sibling’s friends, but Matt was such an easygoing guy who was always quick to grin and have a laugh that you couldn’t help but like him.  So when Matt met Gabby, I couldn’t have been happier for him.

These two seriously compliment each other so well.  They are so comfortable in their own skin, and even more so with each other. When they asked me to do their engagement shoot last year at Belle Isle, they interacted so easily and naturally. I hardly had to pose them.  It was such a fun day!

Matt and Gabby got married in June at the Whitney in Detroit.  This incredible historic mansion was built in 1894 by lumbar baron, David Whitney Jr. and the place oozes romance.  So many great spots to photograph the gorgeous wedding party.

Gabby wore a classy, elegant gown with great lace detailing, with her ladybug sneakers peeking out below the hem.  Matt was very James Bond in his white jacket and black bow tie.  The bridesmaids were pretty in pink, with complementary pink bouquets from Nino Salvaggio, and contrasted beautifully against the charcoal of the groomsmen’s jackets.

The ceremony was emotional and beautiful.  Smiles and misty eyes were in abundance.  The best man was Matt’s friend Kevin.  Some of us refer to him lovingly as “Rev Kev”, as he not only married my brother to his wife, but also yours truly to my wife!

The reception was held at Lakeland Manor in St. Clair Shores, a spacious, versatile venue where I so enjoyed shooting.  Pink Elephant supplied a table full of cakes, profiteroles, and cookies, gorgeous enough to make any tipsy auntie start filling their purse with midnight snacks.

After a fantastic meal, the party really started, and the bride danced all night with her beaming new husband.  Let the adventures begin, you two!

Location: Detroit, MI
Wedding Venue: The Whitney
Reception Venue: Lakeland Manor

Wedding rings:  Kramar Jewelry
Flowers:  Nino Salvaggio
Cupcakes and desserts: Pink Elephant Cupcakes

Matt & Gabby


Words cannot describe how beautiful every single one of our wedding photos turned out thanks to Jesse Speelman Photography. He was able to capture every single moment of our wedding day perfectly--every tear, every smile, every look.

He has an uncanny ability to capture light and emotion all the while making you feel right at home.

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